The AIA's vision is to enable an effective automotive sector that plays a key role in the social and economic development of the nation, while upholding citizens' right to ethical practices, public safety and a clean and healthy environment.
The AIA's mission is to elevate the standards of the Lebanese automotive sector by:
Practicing principles of transparency and ethical conduct to establish a culture of trust between Lebanese consumers and car dealers.
Shaping the automotive sector's regulatory environment and calling for the implementation of laws and regulations that protect consumers and ensure their rights.
Partnering with civil society in a bid to shed light on issues related to public safety and environment protection.
The AIA operates according to a set of values that govern its relations with all stakeholders:
Commitment: We are fully committed to serving our communities and to providing our clients with quality products and services, all while working relentlessly on rendering Lebanon's roads safe and secure again.
Partnership: We truly believe in the power of partnerships in helping improve the state of the car industry in Lebanon, as we strive to maintain open relationships with all our members as well as with all organizations and parties that put consumers' interests and public safety atop their priorities.
Transparency: We consider transparency more than simply a promise, but a daily practice and a fundamental principle that guides us in everything we do, as we engage our stakeholders in open, two-way communication that keeps them informed of any new developments.
Professionalism: We consistently operate according to the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible levels of quality services and products.