It would be an understatement to say that Lebanese love their cars! Automobiles are undoubtedly a part of our culture; we talk proudly about our cars, identify with them, pamper and embellish them. Most importantly, we trust them with the safety and well-being of everyone we hold dear.

In 1923, three Lebanese visionaries had the foresight to see the importance of oversight and regulation to maintain the underlying trust Lebanese have in their cars; it was that vision which led them to create the Association des Importateurs d’Automobiles au Liban (AIA). At the time, the founders envisioned a professional association whose establishment would constitute a milestone in the history of automobiles in Lebanon. The aim of AIA was to institutionalize the sector and place its combined expertise at the disposal of Lebanese consumers. In doing so, AIA thus effectively become the main pillar of the automotive sector in the country.

Over the years, we have upheld that trust consumers placed in us, by keeping their safety and peace of mind at the core of our activities. And so we adhere to our founding values by continuously nurturing and fostering long-term relationships with consumers and persistently and diligently catering to their needs. Our fidelity to the consumer, therefore, stems from our personal obligation to accompany them as long as they possess an automobile, and to hold ourselves accountable to them for its safety and quality.

As the first professional association to be registered in Lebanon and therefore a part of its modern heritage, we have always been a nationally responsible organization whose foremost duty is to inform the Lebanese consumers of their rights and raise their awareness of the malpractices that sometimes take place in car retail. Consequently, in a bid to secure full transparency and access to information for the consumer, our members strive to advocate sectoral, societal, and legislative changes that would benefit both the consumer and the sector as a whole. These improvements will allow Lebanese consumers to make informed and optimal decisions when buying and maintaining their cars.

Additionally, we prioritize our close relations with all civil society organizations, which are concerned with public safety, consumer rights and the preservation of high standards in automotives retail, because these strategic partnerships are the catalyst for continued regulatory progress within Lebanon.

Our determination to succeed stems from the fact that the automotive sector remains one of the main socioeconomic drivers of the country through corporate taxes to the government, the creation of jobs, and the symbiotic segments like the auto parts market, repair shops, and others. It also contributes through the corporate social responsibility activities undertaken by the various AIA members.

We look confidently forward to the future as we continue to promote the development of the sector in ways which serve Lebanese consumers and the country as a whole. This will ensure that the founding principles of the AIA remain steadfast, and that the association continues to play the role that it was created for, as a guardian of consumer rights.
Samir Homsi
President of the AIA Lebanon