Pre-Owned Car
If choosing to purchase a pre-owned car, it is always best to resort to recognized AIA-affiliated car dealers, as doing so entails a number of advantages
+ Wide Selection
AIA-member dealers often own a wide selection of pre-owned cars for sale, whether from the dealership's own brands or other automobile brands, with varying prices suitable for all budgets.
+ Quality Cars
In line with their high standards and their commitment to quality products and services, AIA members only offer for sale pre-owned cars that have been thoroughly and rigorously tested and checked, and are free of any tampering and void of any safety-prone issues.
+ Dealer's Warranty
In many cases, when you purchase a pre-owned car from an AIA-member dealership, the latter provides you with a comprehensive warranty on the car, a key added-value service that can offer you comfort and ease of mind.
+ Payment Facilities
When purchasing a pre-owned car from an AIA-member dealer, you benefit from various payment facilities and highly favorable financing terms.
+ Professional Customer Service
When you buy a vehicle from an AIA dealership, you are guaranteed a professional customer service, knowing that you are dealing with an established company that adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical behavior.

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