What to Watch out For
When choosing to acquire a pre-owned car, one should be aware of the following risks:
+ Clean Bill of Health
One must ensure that the car they are seeking to purchase has a clean bill of health in its country of origin, and that they have been declared fit for driving and do not constitute a risk to the safety and security of the driver and their passengers. To find out about the history of their potential purchase one must ask for the Vehicle Identification Number, which can be run through the Carfax website ( to provide its history.
+ Sales Value
By discovering the vehicles's history it will become apparent what the fair and accurate price for the vehicle is. This will ensure that customers do not purchase the vehicle at an inflated price which does not take into account the car's history.
+ Wear & Tear
With age, the quality of even the most luxurious cars will start to deteriorate due to wear and tear and the far-from-perfect quality of Lebanon's roads, making buying an aging car an issue to be carefully considered and assessed.
+ Maintenance Cost
Pre-owned cars tend to require continuous and sometimes costly maintenance due to their deteriorating mechanics and the ageing of their parts.
+ Pollution & Environmental Issues
Most pre-owned cars that date back several years tend to pollute more than new cars. Accordingly, one must ask about how harmful their potential purchase may be on the environment.
+ Security Features
To ensure the safety of one’s family the consumer must ask about the security features that are available in their potential purchase.
+ Reference Contact
Consumers must consider who their reference contact is for issues pertaining to their purchase i.e. who is the authority they can turn to for help in the event of any problem with their purchase.
+ Recall Campaigns
It is crucial that the consumer ascertain whether or not the pre-owned vehicle they want to purchase is amongst a specific model of vehicles that have been recalled by the manufacturer due to a potential malfunction.