Safe Crossing Project sponsored by AIA and executed by Kunhadi

1. About:

This project targets Lycee Verdun School to ensure children's safety when crossing the roads in front of their school with the help of the administration. Hence the children will grow up with this culture. Higher safety measures include the installation of speed bumps, steel bollard, cat eyes reflectors and road signs depending on the school's location.

The Safe Crossing is a designated point on the road to assist pedestrians to cross the road safely.

It consists of:



School Road Signs

Attention: School ahead

Speed Limit 30 km/hr road saign

Prohibition of exceeding the 30 km speed limit

Cat eyes

Last reminder of decreasing the speed

Zebra Lines

Black and white lines area for pedestrians
N.B. Cars are not to park over the zebra lines!


Safe Crossing is set for both pedestrians and drivers to respect equally:

Pedestrians should ONLY cross the road over the zebra lines inside the cat eyes.
Drivers should slow down and stop before reaching the safe crossing and wait for any pedestrian present on the lines to cross the road safely.

Keep in mind pedestrians are not protected except by the safe crossing.

Last January, Kunhadi has installed safe crossing in front of International College - Beirut. When driving past this school, please make sure you slow down and stop before the safe crossing to protect the students who are trying to cross the road from any harm, and please do not park your car over the safe crossing!


Together we can enhance road safety in Lebanon.

Drive safe!